Sunday, September 28, 2014

The New House

Since I have received requests for more pictures of the they are. These were taken before the house was completely done. As the rooms come together I hope to amaze you with the changes we will make with some great before and after snapshots...but you'll have to wait for that. We haven't done anything impressive yet. One big difference is the paint. We had the whole house repainted so these pictures are inaccurate.
The kitchen
The mudroom/laundry room--entry from the garage
The living room w/ side nook area (I think our kitchen table will eventually go here) I don't know it is a weird size in a weird location plus I have no decorating skills
The front entry into the living room
Front bedroom--currently a play room/guest room (we want to put a murphy bed in here someday) It is no longer purple
The master bedroom ceiling--again our walls are not this dark. Jason and I prefer a much lighter tone throughout the house.
We are lucky to have something so clean and new. The granite counters are amazing and I have a pantry. I haven't had one before in any of the places we have lived. Slowly but surely I may be brave enough to share what the house actually looks like with our stuff in it.

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  1. LOVE IT! Keep the pics coming! What a beautiful house!